We are an independent fundamental church.  No denomination, synod, conference, presbytery, bishop, or association exercises any control.  The church is owned, maintained, governed, and directed solely by its own membership.

We believe the doctrines of the historic Christian faith.  We believe that the Bible is the Word of God.  We believe in the virgin birth and deity of Jesus Christ.  We believe that Christ died for our sins, rose bodily from the grave, and is coming again.

We have a Bible-centered program.
 People bring their Bibles to church because the Bible is used in every service.  We do not preach what we think, but what God says in His Word.

We have a regenerate membership.
  A person must personally know The Lord Jesus as Savior from sin to be a member.

We are evangelistic.
  We seek to send the Gospel in our own area and around the world.

We have Scriptural giving.
  No suppers, raffles, bazaars, or bingo are used to raise money.  There are no pledges.  The church is supported by the free-will offerings of its people.

We stand against the apostasy of the National and World Councils of Churches
, their local affiliates, the ecumenical movement, and denominations which have abandoned Bible doctrine and Biblical ministries.

We are patriotic.
  We appreciate the freedoms of America and stand against lawlessness, socialism, communism, and government intervention in religious affairs.

We are always ready to help you
accept Christ as Savior or give Scriptural counsel in any matter.  Please speak to our Pastor at (419) 935-0595.